We explain how they are cloth wall stickers !

With more than 12 years of 100% excellent results from our clients.

The fabric wall sticker They are removable PVC-free polyester, printed with water-based inks to preserve the environment with glue on the back so that we can stick them on the wall.

cloth wall sticker It consists of two parts, the base sheet and the die-cut wall sticker on top, it does not have a carrier like PVC wall stickers.

We can place it on the wall just by peeling off its base sheet and sticking it on the wall, it's that easy.

We can stick them and take them off several times from the wall when placing them since they are removable and if we want to change their position, we have made a mistake and we like it more separated or closer, etc... we can take it off and stick it again without damaging it. the wall or wall sticker, always keeping in mind that it is a decorative object, not a toy.

The fabric wall sticker they do not deform and the back glue is of high quality, they stay perfectly well stuck on the wall.

The difference between the fabric wall sticker and the pvc wall sticker it is:

The fabric wall sticker They are thicker, removable and do not have a carrier, they are only the base sheet and the wall sticker.

The pvc wall sticker They have a transporter and consist of three parts, a base sheet, wall sticker and a transporter to be able to place them.

*Remember that if you have painted your wall, at least 3 weeks must pass to be able to place your wall sticker since the paint must be dry*

For walls with gotelé, they usually stick very well, but we recommend you ask for some samples to try them, since each gotelé is different.

We can clean them with a dry or damp cloth to remove dust.

Fabric wall stickers are worth the same as PVC wall stickers, but we can only make them from medium to large sizes, in small it is very difficult to make because the cut is very delicate and being a fabric it is more difficult.

We recommend the fabric wall stickers, they are amazing and of high quality!

In this video we can see how they are and how easy they are to put on the wall!