About us

About us

First of all we want to thank all the smiles of the children of this earth and other worlds who have been our great inspiration to be able to create joy and fantasy for all these special beings, the children who surround us every day of our lives. ! Thank you very much ;·)))

At school since I was a child I wanted to be a designer, I was a bad student because I spent all day drawing the teachers and classmates; After studying art and design in various categories, I worked designing prints, clothing for children and graphic design, etc. Before having my son, my most precious gift in this world! Born by the sea in a town in Valencia and without wanting to separate from it!!

I decorated his room (beautiful) and I painted some pictures of very smiling animals that when friends and visitors saw them encouraged me to show them outside the house. With the first art fair, you can see with great satisfaction that my paintings made children and adults smile and, on top of that, they check them out for me. Huauggg, a dream come true. And one day Decohappy occurred to us, we began to create and design and here you have joy and happiness for your children!

Decohappy fills the walls of the rooms in your house with light, joy and fantasy, transforming the space into a world full of creativity specially created for your child.

We prepare your order one by one with personalized attention in collaboration with our workshop and we have more than years of experience making vinyls, paintings, clothes, cushions, dolls!

Thank you for coming to see us

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