Do you want to be a Decohappy distributor?!

Decohappy has 9 years of experience designing, producing and selling vinyls using the best, most current and high-quality materials on the market, especially removable cloth vinyls are wonderful.

Demonstrable experience since 2005 and the trust placed in us by our clients have made Decohappy a well-known company in the world of children's decoration.

If you have a store dedicated to the world of children and decoration, furniture, painting, gifts, toys and you like our children's vinyls, children's prints, children's paintings and other products that we have, you can sell Decohappy, everyone loves it.

Daily advertising on all social networks, with more than 15,000 followers on Facebook, more than 45,000 on Instagram, advertising on the best blogs for children's decoration, they also talk about us in the Magazine Es de La Vanguardia, in the magazine El Mueble, Mi Casa and we appeared in several design books.

If you want to participate in the world of Decohappy you can fill out the application for wholesalers that you can see on the top left on the web and send us an email to info@decohappy.com and we will contact you as soon as possible and you can call us at 00 34 651978918.


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