We help you choose the vinyl, the painting and the prints that you like the most so that it looks perfect in your little one's room!

Decohappy helps you choose the children's vinyl , the painting and or the prints that you like to decorate your little one's room.

Sometimes we do not dare to put a new design because we do not know how it will look or we do not decide to make a change because it can be a bit risky.

We can help you choose the best decorative option for your child's room!

- Send us a photo of the space to be decorated, choose from 1 to 3 of our decorative designs, and we will send you an image of your wall with each of the compositions.

What do I have to do so that you can send me the three options?

To carry out this type of work we need you to send us a file in Jpg format. with a minimum resolution of 300 pixels.

It has to be a clear image, preferably a close-up or another image that is not too far away, well focused and illuminated to be able to transform it.

You can also tell us the measurements of the wall where you want to put your vinyl and we will make you a scale diagram like the ones you can see below.


- Measurements of the vinyl you want and you don't know what size will fit you best.

You have to send us the measurements of the wall with the space you have free to put the vinyl.

- Change of colors: You want us to change the colors so that they combine well with your little one's room, we change them so that the vinyl, painting and/or sheet combine perfectly with you.

We only charge from €10 per color change depending on the difficulty.

- Personalization: If you want us to personalize the vinyl with your child's name, we will do it for you! From €10 depending on the measurements you ask us for.

- Any change of position, of figures and whatever you want you can write to us!

Send us an email with the images and measurements of the wall to info@decohappy.com

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